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Talent Seed - Conseil en Développement des Compétences et Talent Management

About Us

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As a small business, we treat every client as our most valued client. We have access to a large pool of consultants that enable us to service the needs of even the largest projects, but each contract receives the full attention of the people that actually own the business: we see your business and our brand as fundamentally linked.

Our point of difference is the integration of psychological theories in an innovative management approach based on talented and charismatic consultants bringing energy and leadership to your organisation.

Our mission statement & core values

Talent Seed's mission statement is to create a genuine relationship of support and guidance to foster corporate talent into lasting success. Our approach is based on the following core values: Efficiency - Awareness - Ethics - Partnership - Impact

At Talent Seed, we value the ethical partnership we create with our clients and believe in helping you achieve better human outcomes that flow to your bottom line. Florence Price, our founder and director says: "When facing challenging times, it is important to think positively and prepare for the upturn but it is often difficult to find the time to do so. Our role is to empower your people and create a competitive edge based on your human capability. So if you are ready to get a return on your investment and little time in your hands, call us now to find out how we can customise our services to your needs."