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Talent Seed - Conseil en Développement des Compétences et Talent Management

Our Core Team

Florence Price, Msc. Psych.
Founder and Director

Florence has a Masters degree in Occupational Psychology. She is a practising Business Consultant with international experience. Florence has a demonstrated pattern of successful involvement within a variety of business sectors, as well as NGOs and public sectors.
Florence has been working in the field of management and leadership consulting since 2004, she offers bilingual services (French – English) and specialises in Talent Management and has developed a warm and supportive coaching style.

Florence’s strong analytical mind is supported by a scientific approach and fantastic inter-personal skills. Her strength is her ability to deliver tangible bottom-line results through the development and implementation of HR solutions in complex business environments.
Florence is a full member of the Association of Business Psychologists and of the Chartered Management Institute. She holds the level A and level B qualifications in occupational testing and is trained to use the personality profiles NEO PI-R and Wave Professional Styles.

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“Florence has been doing marvelous work for and with us to ensure the wellbeing of crewmembers throughout Qantas, and also in related group companies.”
Mike Hawke - Senior Pilot – Qantas Airways

“Florence has shown ethical behaviour in dealing with our clients and participating in a program based on confidentiality. (…) She has also been involved with representing our consultancy to senior levels of Qantas and has demonstrated professionalism in marketing our services and representing our organisation. We have always received positive feedback from our clients regarding Florence’s interventions. I highly recommend Florence.”
Marcus Romanic – Director of PortPsych – Occupational Psychology Consultancy

“Florence has excellent analytical ability and she also has the drive to be able to take her conclusions and produce tangible results.”
Adam Rockett - Managing Director - Strike Group

“Florence has excelled in human resource management and training with our organisation. She is intuitive about the skills and abilities of individuals even on first meeting and these insights have time and again proved very accurate. I found Florence’s contribution productive and very profitable.”
Paul Condren - CEO - Business Builders Institute