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Talent Seed - Conseil en Développement des Compétences et Talent Management

Our Unique Concepts

A Peer Support Network: Talent Seed Dot Net© - a service designed to foster talent


Prevention of stress related issues
Transition management

Point of Difference

Offering human outcomes by acting on morale and self-esteem, motivating people, focusing on solidarity and cohesion.


> Creating a team dynamic amongst staff and a culture of peer support.
> Improving staff’s wellbeing and self assurance about their work.
> Monitoring standards, morale and concerns.
> Reducing the probability and the impact of psychological crisis.
> Prevention of stress related difficulties for your team in the context of their practise with your organisation.

Benefits to your Organisation:

Increase staff retention
Psychological quality assurance
Risk mitigation of stress related issues
Relieve time pressures on HR department

Please contact us on 079 0384 1725 or on florencep@talentseed.net for a free consultation to find out more about our methods and how we propose to customise this service to your particular needs.